AI is not magic, part 1033: Accessibility

You know it's a good sign when the first thing I do after finishing an article is double-check whether the whole site is some sort of AI-generated spoof. The answer on this one was closer than you might like, but I do think it's genuine.

Jakob Nielsen, UX expert, has apparently gone and swallowed the AI hype by unhinging his jaw, if the overall subjects of his Substack are to be believed. And that's fine, people can have hobbies, but the man's opinions are now coming after one of my passions, accessibility, and that cannot stand.

Get mad with me

"I always love quoting myself." - Kait

OK, so it's not exactly "new" anymore, but this is the accessibility talk I gave at Longhorn PHP in Nov. 2023. And let's be honest, it's still new to 99% of you. My favorite piece of feedback I got was, "I know it's about 'updates,' but you could have provided an overview of the most common accessibility practices." Bruh, it's a 45-minute talk, not a 4-hour workshop.